Saturday, August 2, 2008

day 41: 58?!

Nice to know people at bike shops. Bryan was nice enough to get the shifter out to me. Now I don't have to crank up big hills on my big chainring. Thanks a lot man. Wouldn't have been able to finish the trip without your help.

Todays ride was nothing special. Nice and simple 58 miles. Great way to bring the ride to a close and get out of the rest day. We rode nice and slow, taking nice and long rest breaks at each of the stops along the way.

Dinner was really great today, probably the highlight of the day. Fajitas made with fresh grilled beef. Delicious. After dinner we got a little bored. Me and a couple guys decided a couple pranks wouldn't hurt.

First we put a picnic table in dougs mansion of a tent. Set a place for six and an entire meal out on the table. Pretty funny stuff. Then we captured around 50 fire flies and set them loose in joes tents. That was fucking hillarious. You could see his tent lighting up from across camp.

I'm off to bed. Have to wake up early tomorrow to do breakfast setup. Night.

Until then,
Ride hard

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