Friday, August 1, 2008

day 39: clevland rocks! clevland rocks!

Long ride today. 92 miles with a lot of hills. The fact that we had a long detour due to construction didn't improve my mood much. When I found out how far the detour took us off course I decided to needed to bump it up a notch. I pulled 25mph for a straight 20 miles. I realized that when I get mad on a day like today, the only thing I can do is go balls out and make it to the rest stop. Its the only thing that improves my mood.

I started to feel even better when I realized that we were biking right by the rock and roll hall of fame. Me and a couple guys decided to stop. Even though we blew 2 and a half hours there, it was well worth it. I got to see Jerry garcia's guitar! Holly shit! That was probably the non bike riding highlight of this trip.

Unfortunately after the slight rock detour we had to get back on our bikes and do another 45. I decided that I wanted to get to camp, so I told ed and Austin to hammer it out. Big mistake! I forgot that I was stuck in my big ring due to a broken shifter, so when the hills came I was barely hanging on. They were making me work for that last stretch. It wasn't easy.
I was welcomed into camp by some moonshine and Sharon, our new ride leader, cooking idian food. Best ride day meal of the trip.

I'm off to clean my bike and go to bed. I figure I should get at lest 12 hours of sleep if I want to be fresh for the grueling 50 miles we have on Saturday. Goodnight all.

Until then,
Ride hard

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