Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 44: Highest Point In PA

More climbing...im starting to think that I am doomed to a life of climbing. I cant exactly complain though, we did have the option of taking the mountain pass today. I bet you can guess which path I took...give up? I took that mountain pass.

The notion of going up to the highest point in PA wasnt all that scary, considering that it was only at 3200 feet going from 1500. Boy was I wrong. On the way up to the top we had climbs upwards of 16% grade. I dont know how to put that in plain terms...lets just say its really fucking steep. But getting to the top sure was rewarding, especially for the screamer downhill that we had. I didnt break my ladnspeed record on this trip, but thats mostly due to the fact that the roads were slick from rain and I didnt want to risk my neck for bragging rights.

Back off the mountain pass, me and the few brave souls that attempted it met up with the rest of the group. We were pretty sure that from here out it was going to be smooth sailing on rollers...wrong again. We had some long climbs followed by longer climbs for the rest of the day. They werent that steep, but when you have one after the other its impossible to get into a rythm. Cant tell you how long this makes the ride seem.

At about mile 65, with 13 miles left, Dewayne decided he wanted to challenge me to a sprint to camp. I think that was probably the bad decision on both of our parts for the day; his for challenging me and mine for accepting.

We were welcomed into the Friendship Village Christian Campground by a nice downpour. Not fun conditions to set up the tent in. Oh well. I decided that I would try to head into town to get my phone fixed. Lucky for me there was a sprint service center in town. I tried calling them to see what time they were open and got the recording with "9-8." I went to the store and found out it was "8-7!" I think people in this part of the country are just two clicks back on brain speed. I wont even get into the conversation I had with the camp director on trying to find the sprint store. I dont think you would believe it even if I told you.

Im off to bed to rest up for the "final test" of the big ride! Nighty night.

Until then,
Ride Hard


Cathy said...

Hi sweetie,
Tanya and I are on our adventure having a great time. Today we hiked in Zion(elderhostel pace perfect for me). Tonight we are in a cabin in Utah on the Ponderosa Ranch(real John Wayne cowboy experience).No cellphone service here but we have internet access so can check your blog. Love, mom and Tanya
So very proud of you and we want to here all your stories on return.

amy said...

I want to hear about the camp director giving you directions to the sprint store. I guess you can tell me in Washington DC over a glass of wine. Only four days till then. Can't wait to see you. Hope the big ride on Wednsday goes well. Folks here are sure proud of you
xo Amy