Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 43: Technology isnt all its cracked up to be

my phone is now broken. I dont think there is any hope left for it. It turns on just fine, but when it comes to placing a call...forget it. Oh well. So if my blog entries are delayed for these last few days, like this one, its due to my piece of crap phone.

Anyways, todays ride was nothing that out of the ordinary for an average day on the big ride. Lots of gigantic "hills" and high humidity. Nothing that my body cant handle at this point though. Todays ride did have its upside though, aside from the gigantic hills that is. We got to ride on a beautiful trail for about 50 miles. I think it was called the YRT trail, not positive though. Crushed limestone trail that is shade covered by a beautiful sparse forest on either side. With the river flowing by down on one side, it was a really nice break from heavily trafficked roads and a narrow crappy shoulder.

About 30 miles outside of camp, an alumni from a previous Big Ride year met up with us. He hosted a lunch stop and had a smorgasbord of food. The best part of the stop was the sign that was directly above the pavilion we were under, "Washington D.C 280 miles East!" We could have actually stayed on the same trail for another 280 miles and hit D.C. For the first time on this trip, the fact that I was biking across country really sunk in. I think it might have been the fact that I am only 280 miles away from finishing! Holy shit!

Thats about all of the excitement on yesterdays ride.

Until then,
Ride Hard

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