Monday, June 23, 2008

day 1 brings sore throat and numb crotch

Oh the memories I have already created. You can't imagine the rush you get from starting out a 90 mile ride with a fever and sore throat. To top that off I managed to lose all feeling in my lower extremities! Hooray! Despite these minor setbacks, the ride has already been truly remarkable. The sites are absolutlet amazing: I only had to travel 15 miles outside of Seattle before I saw parts if the wilderness that looked as thougt they had been untouched. What truly struck me today was the sense of group. Here are 40 strangers biking across the US that are interacting with eachother as if they were childhood friends. Well that's all for now. Ill get pictures from today up as soon as possible. Ill leave you with a feww words from today. "when we met we were nothing but a bunch of people in spandex."

-ride hard

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nanna said...

WOW! We're impressed and exhausted reading you messages. Plese keep them coming. We hope your day off is really restful and that you get some good nd fattening meals. Do you have the same bike mate every day or are they changed. Are you bike mates every women? KEEP RIDING AND WRITING. LOVE NANNA AND PAPA PS PAPA LOVED YOUR PAY BACK.