Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 7: Heatwave

When they said it would be hot, I didnt think that it would be this hot. One of the bank signs we passed today said 111 degrees! Holy Shit! Aside from that it was a truly beautiful and great ride. Well...maybe aside from the constant headwind. The morning started off with a great ride along the side of a mountain shaded by trees. The entire first half of the ride was riverside with great views of the mountains and wildlife. We saw 3 moose today.

Later on in the day we passed a rider, somebody that wasnt in the group. He had a makeshift trailer, along with a dog and what looked like 60 pounds of gear. We caught up with the guy and asked where he was headed. "Well, im going to fort collins,CO. I started out in Fairbanks Alaska though." Holy shit, this guy is serious. "Ive been pulling 70 to 100 mile days, my dog usually runs 50 along side me. Then I just crash along side the road or pitch my tent in peoples back yards." Apparently you can do this kind of ride without any plan and a road in front of you.

That is about all that I can recall right now from the day. Im going to go fall on my face and try to squeeze in 8 hours of sleep before our century tomorrow.

Until Then,
-Ride Hard


amy said...

Wow- that is hot! I don't suppose you want to have your mother reminding you to reapply the sun screen, but that is my job!

Today was gay pride parade- you missed all the drag queens. But I guess I would rather see moose on the side of the road.

Can't wait to see more photos. love and kisses! Amy

nanna said...

Wow! We are impresssed. Souncs like you are working hard but having fun. Take good care of yourself--dring LOTS of liquid and gaterade and eat healthy stuff. We are waiting for photos, especially of you and some of the scenery. Keep the news coming. We can't wait to read your blogs. Love nanna and papa

Janet Dahlem said...


Hello...I have been following your kick-ass amazing journey. I am sorry I have not responded until now as I have tryed unsuccessfully and had to contact Amy to find out how to respond. My first time responding to a blog...Of course it was easy once I got the directions.

anyway I am moved by your humor, creativity, determination and guts..your blog alone is worth every penny of my donation.

I can not believe you have time to blog after working so damn hard everyday in the most despictable conditions. From your postings I can see the power of what you are doing is so beyond the physical demands.

However, the ability to dig deep inside yourself to continue on is mind blowing...

you continue to amaze me..

keep up the hard work....Janet Dahlem

Aunt Bebe said...

After your first day I thought I'd like to do the trip. Since then I've thought how hard it would be to bike in the cold, heat, rain, etc. and how glad I am to be able to hear about your journey. Yesterday I went to buy a new bike seat in solidarity. We're with you in spirit!

It is amazing to think you went across Idaho in one day.

Love, Aunt Bebe