Friday, June 27, 2008

day 5: say goodbye to numbness

Nothing to exciting to report today, besides the fact that I bought a new saddle! Hooray! It set me back 90 bucks but I've been assured it will eliminate numb crotch.

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Robert and Marcy said...

"$90 to eliminate numb crotch!" sounds like an advertising jingle and it may be the start of a multi-million dollar industry (cycling, porn, anesthesia (sp), aging...). We figure between now and D.C. you ought to have time to figure out how to make all of your sponsors wealthy. Let us know what you need for start up costs!
Glad to hear the musical side of the crew is coming out. Nothin' better to soothe the soul. I guess "We are Family" or "Brother, Brother" may be the new themes.
By the way, we are pretty sure the drinking age in the USA is 21.
Enjoy your day of rest and ride hard.
Robert and Marcy