Thursday, June 26, 2008

day 4: "thunderbolts of lightning, very very frightening"

I think the long miles back to back are finally starting to catch up to everybody. After about 5 minutes of the road, we broke into a round of bohemian rhapsody...with full musical breaks. This was followed by a little lion king theme music and Barbra Anne. a truly musical day. The townurs fifty miles away could probably hear is coming.

After a delicious lunch break of waffles and bacon at a local b&b we hit the road. About a mile in we passed a very unusual or crazy site...depending on how you look at it; there was an RV on the side of the road completely engulfed in flame! Not something you are everyday.

After 4 straight days of riding it is finally time for a much deserved rest day. So while all of you are at work, ill be kicking back in my hammock drinking a beer at the lovely catholic school we are rooming at.

Until then
-ride hard


Cathy said...

Holy Schamoly Ruebenboy/man, what an adventure!! What a physical challenge!! I am so proud of you. Hope you keep a journal of sights/thoughts to share with us when you return. Thanks for blogging, it's great to read. Hope your day of rest includes a good cup of coffee, time with new friends and time to read the posted blog comments. Can you post some photos?
love you, miss you, enjoy the journey--mom

Cathy said...

Rueben, Tanya says hi and hopes your crotch is less numb. She misses you.

David said...

Ha! Loved the reference to Bohemian Rhapsody. Brought me back to the days when Elissa and I hiked and hitch-hiked around Cape Cod. We would sing to keep ourselves energized. We weren't singing Queen though. And we weren't on bikes. Sounds like you're having a blast.