Wednesday, July 30, 2008

day 38: who needs a TV to watch Jerry springer?

Last night we were all treated to a fight between a rednecky biker and his was straight out of Jerry springer. A bunch of us sat on the benches and listened across the street as biker and girlfriend traded insults. Probably the best entertainment ive had all trip.

Todays ride was pretty nice. Easy pace, flat land, a nice tailwind and a big supergroup of riders. Unfortunately the ride took a bad turn right around mile 50. We were about to go over a bridge only to find that there was construction. The leaders turned onto the freeway, so I took out my cue sheet to make sure that we weren't going the wrong way. Right as I was doing this someone yelled slow down. I looked up only to find that a rider was at a dead stop directly in front of me. I went into his back wheel, sending me off the side of my bike, breaking my left shifter. Don't worry nana, its not as bad as it sounds. I made it out with only a few bruises on my leg. All is well.

Once I made it to camp and settled down for a while, a bunch of us decided to go to cedar of the biggest roller coaster parks in the us. I can now say that my top speed on this trip is 120mph. Yes its true, one of the roller coasters went 120mph.

That about all the excitement I can handle for one day. Off to bed. Once again nana, I'm fine. A special thanks to b rose at shockspital for sending a shifter to me over night. I owe you one.

Until then,
-ride hard.

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_goodcitizen said...

hey man. i stopped in to Shockspital today to pick up my front wheel (b rose did a great job on it) and he told me you crashed. glad to hear you're alright.

I officially have a bike short tan line, but nothing as hard core as yours was (or still is probably).

the pictures from all city are here:

can't wait til you're back in the 612. peace.