Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 12: Tailwind...there you are...oh wait...nevermind.

There are only a couple of really strong riders on the trip, myself being one of them. But so far one rider has made it back to camp first everyday: Chuck. I woke up this morning and decided that today would be the day that I make it to camp first. Lucky for me Chuck only got two hours of sleep last night due to the torrential downpour. Anyhow I started off the day relatively slow. I left camp close to last and had a lot of ground to make up...I was in for a rough day (it was a century by the way).

The ride started off with a nice and breezy 12 mile climb. Its not as bad as it sounds though: it was pretty slow and steady. It took my legs a good 45 minutes to really wake up, but once they were nice and warm I was off. Within an hour I had already took the lead of the pack. Not bad for a youngster like myself. After the long climb we had a nice long and stead descent...and guess what...we had a tailwind! It only lasted for bout 25 miles, but it was by far the greatest part of the trip.

I made it to the second sag stop, 40 miles in, and was already 15 minutes ahead of the group. From there out it was a piece of cake. The day really didnt get rocky until I hit mile 93. I "bonked" in cycling terms. This means that your blood sugar is too low and you were working to hard. Essentially you start to get loopy, light headed and have slightly distorted vision. I got off my bike and rested for a while. I chugged some gatorade, ate some cookies and managed to make it the last 7 miles in to camp.

I managed to make it back by 1:00. That means I pulled 100 miles in 5.5 hours! The next riders didnt arrive until 3:00. The group was pretty impressed by that to say the least. I got a few high fives and some major street cred. Our ride leader Daniel gave me one of the biggest comliments I have ever recieved. "Dude your form is amazing. When you do climbs you look like some of the pros that ride for Toyota United." He said that at the end of the trip, hes going to hook me up with the Toyota United Racing Team! This is big! Hooray! A pretty big self-esteem boost to hear something like that from a seasoned rider.

Well thats about it for now. The computer im using is about to die. Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments. Its really nice to hear from you all.

Until then,
-Ride Hard


Diane Siegel said...

Hi Reuben,
Your blog is bringing back alot of great memories of my past trips- some of the best times of my life! Continue to have a great time- and remember, if the road is really steep or hard, don't look too far ahead, look right in front of the front tire, about 10 feet or so-it's easier to ride that way! (You probably figured that out already). Good advice for life, too....
Take care,
Diane Siegel

elpeanut said...

Hey Rueben,
First of all,sorry about the name misspell the other day,second of all,whoa dude! I wish I could think of something else too say besides you really do "rock" and awesome.So any way,have fun,be careful and safe ridely.



I dig your blog immensely

Janet Dahlem said...

Rueben...shit you are awesome! I think you are in line for the Tour de France next. I am so glad to see that you are being recognized as the outstanding athlete you are by being invited to join the Racing Team...

It so impressive to see the many ways that you challenge yourself each continue to awe me

take care ..Janet

ekastrul said...

Reading your blog is one of the hilights of my day-- right up there next to milking goats in the morning. Also, hearing about your fit, shaved calves taking you up hills and across the country makes me feel proud and priviledged to tear it up on the city streets with a biker of your caliber.