Sunday, July 13, 2008

day 21: is that all youve got mother nature?!

Todays ride has been built up for a long, long time. This was a pie big bad 100 miles through the badlands. And in all honesty it was probably the easiest and most fun ride of the entire trip. I'm not sure why, maybe because we were coming out of the rest day? The first 30 miles of today was a good indicator of how the day was going to be; we finished it in an hour with a pace line of 18 people. What a good time.

I'm not going to lie...I was scared shitless coming into todays ride. I kept on thinking, "oh no, badlands." especially when we crossed a sing reading, "caution, praire dogs have plague." well that sounds rather unfortunate! Who wants to be taking a puss on the side of the road only to be bite in the ass by a praire dog?!

Once we hit the actual badlands, I realized that the build up was all for not. The scenery and land wasn't scary at all, it was actually the most beautiful scenery we have seen yet. Limestone mountains as far as the eye could see; it almost looked like a mini version of the grand canyon...except all white. Absolutely stunning scenery.

That's the ride in a nutshell for you...very breezy and easy with great views the entire way. And just for all of you that might be a little worried after reading my gummy bear and beef jerky entry, tonights meal was very substantial and healthy. Beef, fried chicken and a salad bar...mmm'mmm!

That's all for now folks. Its been great to hear from all of you through your blog comments. Its great to get the support! I don't want anybody to think that I'm ignoring your comments, but I don't have a way to respond. Just know I'm reading what you're writing and enjoying it.

Until then,
-ride hard.


ekastrul said...

That all sounds beautiful, beautiful. Ben and I are in London right now, and we've been eating the most amazing mangoes from a Chinese market. We rode bikes a few times in rural Ireland (on the left side of the road!) and amongst 100km/hr traffic... in order to get to the two stores in our small town there: a postoffice/cornerstore/gasstation, and a pub. Luckily there was ice cream.
So much love to you,
p.s. at bat

ekastrul said...

you're crazy rueben. this is ben.

fun fact about our host dad:
as a teen, he raced the velodrome circuit in london and was also a bike messenger. he has a secret stash of bikes hidden all around the from as tokens from his cycling years. we watched the tour together. he is a cool guy.

i'm glad you're so psyched about your ride; it sounds amazing. keep up with letting us know what's going on. peace.

ps- now i'm at bat.