Saturday, July 26, 2008

day 34: the chi chi train

Finally a rest day. That's all I had running through my head for the entire ride today. If I had to ride another day, I probably would have had to sag. Me and Steve paired up today and decided we would hammer it out...we were both just ready to be done with our long ride week. The two of us started going strong, me leading, pulling about 22mph. We got to about mile 15 and looked at eachother, "weren't we supposed to make a turn? I didn't see a sign for river road." unfortunately we had in fact missed our five miles. We started riding back in the other direction and hit Sam, he had missed the turn too. Doing 10 bonus miles on what was supposed to be a short day really put a damper on our cheery attitudes.

We hit the first rest stop and felt better. Passing a ton of people put us back in the right frame of mind. I ended up pulling for the entire was really rewarding to feel like I did the work for the two of us to make it to the city. So in the end what was supposed to be an easy 83 miles, ended up being a haul ass 93 miles...oh well.

I'm off to Chicago for the weekend. Can't wait to see everybody that awaits me there. The hand is feeling better by the way. I wore a brace during todays ride. It seemed to help a lot.

Until then,
-ride hard

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Jane Newman said...

enough of this chi chi stuff--what happened to the tai chi and noticing the zen of the ride--getting pulled over by the cops...Lewis and Clark may rethink. Indiana is quite a feat! Enjoy the ride a bit--get into the motion. Don't forget the stretch I told you to do on the phone. Glad your hand is feeling better. And remember, when you get home you can't swear as much as you have been on this blog!!