Saturday, July 19, 2008

day 26: sweet home Minneapolis!

I had motivation. That's about the only way I can put it. Even though I felt like crap when I woke up this morning, the prospect of home made me ride fast. I found chuck and said, "I hope you're planning on going fast today, becusr I need someone to pull me." I can't even tell you what the scenery was like today. All I was looking at for the majority of the day was chucks back wheel as I was drafting. So I hope I didn't miss to much.

When all was said and done, we made the 86 mile ride to new ulm in 4 hours. Joe pulled in shortly after us (he's the other one in the bare ass pick) and said, "man I almost had you guys!" all I could think of when I heard this was the line from that shit movie fast and furious, "man you never had me...there's no such thing."

I felt a little bad leaving all of my friends in new ulm while I got to Minneapolis. But hey, I don't think they blame me. They were talking about renting a box truck and agoing everybody in back. I'm pretty sure they were joking, but considering how desperate they were for a night life I wouldn't be surprised. I did have 3 open spots in my car, but I didn't think that was fair.

I'm off to the city for the weekend, to eat some real food and chat it up with some people that have the right idea.

Until then,
-ride hard


Janet Dahlem said...

HI was so great to see you on the stopover in Mpls. at the wonderful Seward cafe'. It is my favorite breakfast place for so many different reasons.

You look so strong, athletic and like a man who has just spent 26 days on the are so awesome! what a profound journey you are on...take care,Janet

Jolene said...

I can not believe how awesome if felt to see you today!! I squealed... and then I squealed again! To see your smile and see that you really are okay made my day. It was an amazingly weird and wonderful day - mostly because I saw you!! I am seriously so proud of you!! Keep up your posts... I'll look for your cell number and get you those bedtime stories.
Ride, Rueben, Ride!

candace said...

Rubes, when are you coming home for good? Will you be back by 8/2? If so, could I EMPLOY you to to make some hors d'oerves for Zoe's 60th birthday party?
So glad you're have a great time. be safe. Love, Candace