Monday, July 14, 2008

day 22: why do we have to loose an hour?

The scenery today was like a flashback to Wyoming. Nothing but rolling hills and boring farmland for a straight 95 miles. Today was one of those days that you are thankful to have people to ride with. I can't imagine trying to pull of today by myself, especially when you combine the terrain with high heat and humidity. 95 miles and 95 degree heat.

All in all today wasn't that challenging of a ride, the hardest part was the camping arrangements. We arrived at the city park in Pierre only to be welcomed by a sign that read, "beware of homeless people and panhandlers"...for some reason that didn't seem very comforting. Luckily Jim booked a room in a hotel and offered me a place to stay for the night so I wouldn't have to sleep with Dion and Chris the local drunks.

Dinner tonight was by far the most satisfying I have had so far. Pizza buffet and salad bar...unlimited! Only 8 bucks!

Got to talk to my momma Amy today. That was much more exciting than the ride. Her and my aunt beth got to go on a safari today. Saw tons of animals.

That's about it for today. Look forward to hitting Minnesota. Crossing into central time today makes me feel that much closer. See all of you soon!

Until then,
-ride hard


David said...

You're incredible. You write so well! I am sitting at our table in the kitchen reading your blogs to my friends. Good inspiration for Ron's and my trip to Holland. We're leaving tomorrow! I don't think we'll be as challenged by the terrain of Holland as you have been by the terrain of this country.

ekastrul said...

Hello my dear and intrepid one,
We should meet up when you're in Minnesota! Ben and I get back on the night of the 19th (assuming the Greyhound is ontime), so maybe on the 20th...?

Also, yesterday we went to the beach in Brighton, which was very strange because it was all rocks, no sand... So we buried each other in rocks instead. Surprisingly comfortable.

Don't forget to flex your glutes when going up hill!