Monday, July 21, 2008

day 29: goodbye Minnesota.

Its been fun Minnesota. Were leaving behind some good memories: 20 plus flats, lots of rolling hills and a lot of fog. Today was a little bit smoother though. Maybe only a couple flats, and no fog. One of the riders did get in a slight accident, but she's alright. No damage to her bike, a cracked helmet and a couple of scratches. Good thing it happened right outside of Rochester, because now she's getting some of the best medical treatment in the world at Mayo.

On the ride into winnona, we passed through a little town called Stockton. This little boy followed me, Doug and Tony to our rest stop there. It was sort of like children of the corn. He kept on creeping up behind us and telling us to go to a bike shop in winnona. Got a little to close to us for comfort. After we finished up at our rest stop, Doug and Tony took 23 into town. Nick informed me that there was a really good climb on 14 with a great downhill. Needless to day I decided to take that route.

The climb wasn't very steep, but it was long. The descent wasn't very steep, but I still managed to get going. I hit the bottom of a hill and a cop pulled me over, "son you know you were going 47 down that hill? You can't go faster then 30." he let me off the hook, but it was sort of cool to be pulled over by a cop for going to fast on a bike.

That's about all for now. I'm off the eat, and eat, and eat.

Until then,
-ride hard

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Janet Dahlem said...

"son 47 mph......"I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. At the same time I realize that takes olympian skill and strength to manage a bike and yourself at that speed downhill.

It is such a good thing you are blogging all your adventures, cause some of your stories are too funny for anyone to believe are true. It reminds me of journalists who have driven across the US and had so many stories about cultural, regional, and class differences.

I can only imagine that it must expand your view of yourself and your world in so many ways. You have such a wonderful sense of humor as you discuss your adventures.

Well congratulations on suceeding in the long ride across Minnesota and on to the next state. Geez I continue to be so impressed with your incredible determination and hard work.

When I stop to think about the huge victory it is to complete biking across Minnesota..I realize there are a couple well known fund-raising efforts to get people to bike across Minnesota and they applaud that as an extraordinary effort and long-distant achievement and look what you are accomplishing...very impressive!!!

Morgan is a massage therapist and we were talking about your amazing determination and skill with one of her clients who just completed the AIDS Red Ribbon ride and is coming in for a massage in the morning.

anyway...I look forward to reading about your extraordinary adventures.....Janet