Sunday, July 20, 2008

day 28: in the Early morning fog.

Ever feel like you're riding through a cloud? Because I think that that is exactly what I did today. The first 40 miles of today, we were biking through fog so thick, you could barely see 50 feet In front of you. It might sound dangerous but its actually my preferred way of riding. When you bike through fog, you are forced to look directly in front of you. Not being able to see what lies off in the distance make you go a lot faster.

Me and Jim started to get bored around mile 45 so we said, "fuck it," and we mashed for a 15 miles up to the next rest area. By this time, everything turned to overcast. The fog had cleared and we could feel the heat coming. We took off once again for the last stretch, hammering it out and leaving everyone in the distance.

When we got to camp to start setting up our tents, a hockey game had just let out next to our site. All of the locals were gawking and wispering as we walked around in our spandex. I felt like some sort of animal behind a pain of glass in a zoo. Now I know what those fine folks at PETA are working to eliminate. Stop staring at bikers and wild animals! We don't like feeling caged!

So being stared at was about the height of my excitement today. It was good to see everybody in Minneapolis.

Until then,
-ride hard

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