Tuesday, July 8, 2008

day 15: Another one bites the dust.

Today was a beautiful riding day. Gorgeous weather and nothing but flat roads for the entire day. We hit State #4! Hooray! The change in scenery was crazy between montana and Wyoming. The second I hit Wyoming I thought to myself, "Oh man, riding just got fun again." It was so great going from boring flat land with farm country, to rolling hills and mountains off in the distance.

I took it easy again today. I figured everyone would be glad to hear that. I didnt even make it back into camp in the top half of the group. Hopefully later today, I will finish of my easy ride with a little bit to Stage 4 of the tour de France. If anyone has the chance, I would reccomend watching the tour. All of the "big name" riders are out of the tour this year due to doping scandals. The tour is way up in the air. There is some great riding and alot of suspense due to the fact that nobody has any idea of who might win!

Until then,
-Ride Hard


Janet Dahlem said...
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Janet Dahlem said...

Rueben...congratulations on state #4

you make it sound so easy. As i am sitting at my desk at work I think of the "work" you are doing day in and day out to motivate and focus your determination through to complete the ride each day.

I am so impressed with your creative strategies and lively connections with people to keep your spirits alive and moving.

You continue to amaze me with your herculian accomplishments...Janet

Barbra Wiener said...

What an incredible treat to hear your voice last night! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
I keep telling people about what you are doing, and how inspired I am by your courage, strength, good humor, and down right chutzpah!
I hope to see you when you hit Minnesota. Let me know what food items you are craving and they will be delivered to you.
You are my hero!
I love you,