Thursday, July 17, 2008

day 25: made it this far without rain...oh well

I woke up this morning to a downpour. Generally we try to hit the road by 6. Today we didn't hit the road until 7:30. That gives you an idea of how hard it was coming down. Due to the rain the first 40 miles of the ride were pretty rough. Rainging on and off most of the time and pretty cold and wet the whole way. My shoes got to the point where I literally thought I was walking on water.

Today everyone on the ride learned the best way to get out of having to take a shower: "powerwash." we were on the interstate for most of the day and every time an oncoming truck would go by, it was as if we went through the power cycle of a car wash. Everyone hit the 40 mile rest stop and was soaked through ?nd covered in mid freckles...needless to say everyone looked pretty atractive.

Today we were in brookings south Dakota. As much as I hate burgers at this point, I can't tell you how much "nicks burgers" rocked. One fry cook making burger after burger at a traditional diner style counter. Only a dollar thirty for a burger. Awesome.

We went to a bar when we made it to camp in honor of eds birthday. When we got there, I was chating it up with one of the locals. I happened to mention that we were doing a charity bike ride. Upon hearing this the guy said, "one second." he came back shortly and handed me 10 bucks saying, "don't spend this at the bar." it felt good to have a complete stranger recognize what we are doing and decide to make a donation. So a special thanks and shout out to brad of Tyler, MN.

Oh yeah...I crossed the Minnesota border today! Hooray!

Until then,
-ride hard

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Rosanne said...

Rueben: it is so much fun to read your blog - although mostly i just feel tired!! I hope you are enjoying your day in civilization, eating well and seeing people who love you. count us in!! hope it gives you some new energy to carry on - although you sound like you have more energy than a wild cat! you are a star!! lots of love from Rosanne and Mary.