Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 18: Need meat.

In comparison today wasnt as hard as yesterday. Only 75 miles instead of 112, mostly rolling hills but not as steep. All in all no major complaints beside the constant headwind. Today wasnt very exciting in riding terms. Relatively slow pace, good riding companions and nothing but open farm scenery. I have more important things to write about anyways.

I keep on forgetting to add this in, mainly because the first that that occurs to me to write about is the ride. But really the best part about this trip is the company. I cant believe that I was considering doing this trip on my own. When I registered for this ride, I assumed that I would be riding with a whole bunch of serious old guys with no sense of humor. I was wrong about that. I have never been around so many fart jokes in my entire life. If you know me, you know that I love me a good fart joke. We'll all be riding along and all of the sudden someone will let one rip, "man that was bad!" No excuse me, or sorry, just, "Shit that smells." Its nice to be with a group of people that arent uptight. Everyone has finally let loose and started to have some fun.

Youll appreciate this Cathy. Here is the new and improved Big Ride Across America dictionary...

Fump: A combination of jumping and farting. The act of running up behind someone, jumping to head height and letting one go. Jump+Fart=Fump.

Sarddle: Farting while sitting on your saddle (bike seat). Saddle+Fart=Sarddle

Thats all for now. I think ill go take a nap before dinner. Need to get some rest in preparation for the big climb we have tomorrow.

Until then,
-Ride Hard

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Cathy said...

Well...son, I reak'n I done taught you well. You see that fart humor does come in handy now and then-a real bonding thing (though probably not as affective with the ladies). I am so glad to know that you are having fun and making new friends. Memories you will cherish. I am quite impressed with how well you are handling the range of challenges you face, not only the horrendous biking ones but with the people & places you are encountering. I do wish you were eating better. I don't think the gummy bears and beef jerky are organic. Can't wait to see you in New Ulm. Thanks for calling home now and then. Love you to pieces, Mom