Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 37: A slow day you all know I need!

Cant believe I for got to say this in yesterdays post...Thank you to all of my friends and family (especially family) that wined and dined me while I was in Chicago. It was a real treat and nice break from what I have been eating while on this trip. So thank you again. Very nice to see you all as well.

Today was a very easy and slow paced day. Nice a breezy 70 miles that actually took me longer than some of the centuries I have done. Now you all can breathe a sigh of relief that I didnt punish my body today. I did get off to a bit of rocky start this morning though. I forgot that when Iswitch time zones my phone doesnt do so automatically. So when my alarm went off this morning at 5:30 and I stepped outside, I found that I was the only one with a tent still up. Oh well. Good thing no one was rushing this morning or I would have been riding by myself all day.

The course itself was nothing to special. Nothing all that exciting to report. Just another day of rolling hills, high humidity and endless corn fields. We did hit state #11! hooray. Ohio is much the same as Indiana, lots of friendly people and corn fields...big surprise.

Towards the end of the day, a whole bunch of us decided to team up to tackle the last 10 miles. All in all we had a pace line of about 18 people. I looked back when I was riding by myself into camp and it looked like a car was coming up behind me. I moved over to the side only to find that it was actually a whole pack of bikers. Pretty fun to ride in a group thats big enough to intimidate a car.

Another easy day tomorrow as well...thank god. Maybe another chance for me to let my body rest.

Until then,
Ride Hard


amy said...

great to talk to you today buddy. Love your posts. you are a great writer. I will assume the typos are because you are typing on a blackberry. Hope you aren't whithering too many crops when you pee.

If you get near Oberlin in the next day or two, make sure you give a wave for me.


ekastrul said...

hello dear one. Today I was having a picnic at the Sculpture Garden, and Ben rolled up with his new Bike Jerks hat on his fixed gear and my heart nearly skipped a beat, both because he looked so fly and because his silhouette mimicked yours.
It was fantastic to jam and get a first hand look at all the folks you're spending time with... Looking forward to late-night Burrito Journeys in one short month (and other shenanegins in only 2 weeks!).
so much love

Cathy said...

Hi honey, sorry to hear about your fall today, hope you aren't too sore for tomorrow's ride. Fri is another rest day-enjoy it. Here are a few news items to report: Japan has mass-produced a new eel drink called "Unagi Nobori" or Surging Eel" meant to boost stamina in hot weather. Yumm!
Buddy Guy has a new CD out "Skin Deep", includes duets w/ Eric Clapton and Robert Randolph. Also Guy performs at the State Fair with Jonny Lang on Aug 24. You will be home.
Oh yeah, Cheech & Chong are reuniting!! Love, mom