Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day 30: please dont feed the amish.

Nice short and easy ride today. Well...for the most part. Today was only 69 miles, and the first 30 to la crosse was a piece of cake. My pal Doug happened to have a friend who works at a home made ice cream shop in la crosse. Needless to day we decided to pull off, after we saw the worlds largest 6 pack. Don't worry...there are pictures to follow.

After the short ice cream stop things started to get a little more challenging. But after the Rockies I don't think it was anything we couldn't handle. It was rolling hills the entire last 39 miles to camp. But it mine as well been all up hill. Not to say that there weren't some great downhills, but it was still all uphill.

The best part about todays ride was that on the cue sheet, it said do not take pictures of the amish. Why? We decided that it would probably be alright to take pictures...so we did. I can't tell you how many shity looks we got. Anyways...don't take pictures of amish.

We got into the camp city and things were great. Not only was it dougs birthday, but there was a great coop in town to. Great organic food and celebrating a buddys birthday. All in all, this was a great after ride camp day.

Not much to say as of now. There is still a lot of birthday party to be had. I hear there's naked swimming to be had...actually that's what I'm on my way to do right now.

Until then.
Ride hard

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Cathy said...

Please slow down you're scaring your mother. The Tour de France can wait, you have college to do first. I am so pleased that you are enjoying your new friendships and I loved seeing you on your rest day. You look fantastic-so strong and handsome(glad you could finally shave). Thanks to Barbra & Catharine for feeding you so divinely. Glad you had time with friends. Keep blogging. You are a great writer.
Love you,